Well, continuing to add hiatuses is getting somewhat tiresome, so I suppose I may as well just say it: I’ll admit it, my drive for writing this story has… declined. A lot. Partly because of the lack of readership, partly because I’ve just got new and unrelated ideas now, but… I don’t really feel like writing this anymore.

But we’re so close to the end now that just dropping it would be silly, and besides, I’m of the opinion that something like this, once started, should be finished. So instead of dropping the story, I’m going to stop posting every Thursday and Saturday and instead just post whenever I have something done. However, I will still hold myself to an update rate of at least once a week (except, possibly, this week).

This may also cause the ending to be… a little rushed. Frankly, I do just want to get this over with at this point, so the rest of the story will be only a couple or so chapters long. It’s not ideal, I know, but… at this point, I really do just want to have this done as quickly as possible.


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