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Still here? Then let me tell you about the world of Verta, and the world of Aead.

For as long as anyone can remember, these two twinned worlds have been connected. On Verta, mortal life flourishes – but from Aead come the demons. Constantly, they surge onto Verta, invasion after invasion threatening the very existence of mortals.

But perhaps it’s not that simple. Not all demons are the same, and not all of them happy with this situation. Dissent spreads and rises to the top just like among mortals – and when it hits the boiling point, only one thing can happen. Revolution.

Yet the Council that rules over demonkind is powerful, and overthrowing them shall not be easy. And so, more powerful forces than any could have possibly imagined find themselves dragged into a conflict where nothing is as it seems, and neither side is truly good or evil…

The Demon Rising is a web serial novel set in a medieval fantasy world. It’s my first experience with writing an original work, so… bear with me.

If you enjoy the story – or even if you just have something to say about it – I would very much appreciate it if you were to leave a comment. It’s the only way I’m going to get the feedback I need to know how well I’m doing, what I need to improve on, etc. Plus, it’s just really encouraging.

Some mature content will be present, most notably descriptions of violence, coarse language, and character death. While I don’t aim to make the story overly dark, it will still be far from completely happy, and I don’t doubt that there will be content certain people will find upsetting. Morality isn’t black and white – the villains aren’t all evil, but the heroes aren’t particularly pure, either – and not everything turns out as one would hope it to. Use your better judgement as to whether or not this story is for you.

The story is completed for now, though I might come back and write an epilogue later, assuming there’s demand. Don’t count on it, though.

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